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What Are Some of the Advantages of ELDs?

Electronic logging devices may not have been welcome with open arms by truckers and trucking companies, but as of December 18, 2017, eligible commercial vehicles were required to have ELDs on board or be judged to be noncompliant with the law. Of course, avoiding fines and other penalties by becoming compliant is one of the […]

Building a Comprehensive Safety and Compliance Program

In the workplace, having a comprehensive safety and compliance program is not just required by federal law—it is also good for business. A strong program will help to keep your team safe, prevent delays for your customers caused by compliance issues, and reduce the risk that your company will run afoul of federal and state […]

What Your Business Needs to Know About the ELD Mandate

The electronic logging device rule, also known as the ELD Mandate, is one of the biggest changes ever to hit the trucking industry. The deadline to comply was December 2017, which means that trucking companies and independent drivers who are not using ELDs risk facing costly fines. Is your business adhering to the ELD Mandate? […]