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Invest in Employee Training to Grow Your Business

Every business needs a team of knowledgeable employees in order to sustain itself. For the business to grow, these employees need to be at the top of their game. Employee training makes the workplace safer and employees more comfortable, and there are many different ways to offer this training. Continue reading and invest in employee […]

Why It’s Tough to Cheat Professional Drug Tests

When you’re trying to run a business, your team needs to be working at full force. Drug testing helps you screen your employees and your potential new hires, so you can maintain a positive working environment and a successful operation. Here’s why it’s tough to cheat when you take a drug test. Monitored Screening People […]

Why Employees Need to Be Drug Tested After On the Job Accidents

Accidents happen, but they shouldn’t happen more than occasionally. Drug testing can help supervisors understand the nature of the accident and make any necessary changes to keep the workplace safe and the team in good health. Keep reading for more on why employees need to be drug tested after on the job accidents. Understanding the […]