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Why Choose a DOT-Compliant Drug & Alcohol Testing Service

Motor carriers and organizations who employ safety-sensitive workers subject to Department of Transportation rules and regulations are required to administer a variety of drug and alcohol tests, including pre-employment screenings, random testing, and post-accident/reasonable suspicious testing. HDS Safety & Compliance offers drug and alcohol testing services that are compliant with DOT rules and regulations. If […]

Electronics Logging Device Mandate Set for Publication, will take effect Dec. 2017

This article was first published at A federal rule to require truck operators to use electronic logging devices to keep records of duty status is slated to be published in the Federal Register on Friday, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has announced. The rule will take effect Dec. 11, 2017, giving carriers and […]

Exploring the Effectiveness of Random Workplace Drug Checks

Many employers use random workplace drug checks to discourage their employees from using drugs. This might clue management into existing problems as well as help them prevent new ones from forming, which leads to a more positive work environment. Read on if you are interested in exploring the effectiveness of random workplace drug checks. Addressing […]