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Spotlight on DOT-Compliant Urine Collection Procedures

Drug and alcohol testing facilities are required to follow very strict protocols to ensure compliance with regulations. The DOT-compliant urine collection protocols were designed to prevent samples from being tampered with or otherwise compromised. Here’s a quick look at just a few of the urine collection protocols. Site Integrity Before each testing appointment, the collector […]

Common Questions About Post-Accident Testing

DOT-compliant drug testing programs are intended to protect the safety of everyone on the roadways. Drivers who hold CDL licenses may be required to undergo drug and alcohol testing after they get into an accident. Since not all substances remain in the body for prolonged periods of time, post-accident testing should be done as quickly […]

ELD Mandate FAQs and Answers

Electronic log device technology—or ELD—is the new normal for drivers who are under mandate to record their duty status and who are involved in interstate commerce. Drivers who were not eligible for an extension had to adopt ELD technology by December 18, 2017, and all drivers must be using by December 16, 2019. Many operators […]