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  • 20th Apr 2018

    How Does Alcohol Testing Work?

    When you drive for a living, you can’t expect to use drugs or alcohol to get yourself through your shift. As long as your shifts may be, you have to get yourself in the right physical and mental shape to handle them without any accidents. Alcohol testing helps employers decide who belongs on the team, […]

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    06th Apr 2018

    Choosing Qualified Drivers

    Business is always competitive, but the stakes are higher when you work on the road. Veteran drivers know how to avoid accidents and damages on the road, but new hires aren’t always as savvy. Keep reading for some tips on choosing qualified drivers for your business. Run Background Checks When you hire someone to work […]

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    23rd Mar 2018

    Why Is Pre-Employment Drug Screening Necessary?

    You want to know as much about your employees as possible, even before you hire them. This way you can make the most informed decision and create a team that’s suited to carry out your mission. Hiring the right team means limiting injuries, damages, and accidents, and helping people make the most of themselves. Continue […]

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  • 09th Mar 2018

    A Look at ELD Auditing Services

    Drivers need to record their hours, and they do so with an electronic log device. As much as you trust your drivers, it helps to have an objective third party look over the electronic logs. This helps business carry on effectively and gives upper management some insight as to how employees are handling their duties. […]

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    23rd Feb 2018

    Which Online Training Courses Could Your Employees Use?

    If your business is in the transportation industry, then you know there are several types of training that your employees need to remain complaint with DOT/DPS regulations. In the modern age, training is easier than ever to keep up with, because many courses can take place online, freeing up more of your employees’ and supervisors’ […]

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    09th Feb 2018

    Keep Your Drivers Compliant with Regular Log Audits

    Trucking companies work under strict regulations and monitoring from the DOT and DPS. That’s because the safety of the industry affects the safety of roads across the nation, so drivers need to keep accurate logs, maintain their vehicles and follow inspection requirements, and avoid drug and alcohol use and comply with regular screenings and random […]

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  • 26th Jan 2018

    See Why Refresher Courses and Training Is So Important

    The transportation industry is a unique one, and since it’s such a specialized field, it’s especially important that everyone involved in the operation is at their best. Refreshers and training courses help people return to work after long absences, give newcomers the confidence they need to succeed, and ensure that everyone is caught up with […]

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    12th Jan 2018

    Reasons Why Safety Audits Are Necessary

    No matter what industry you work in, there are countless moving factors to worry about. Safety audits help you avoid common hazards, which should make workplace accidents much less common. It’ll also help protect your customers, partners, and in the case of the transportation industry, other drivers. Reducing the chance of an accident lets you […]

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  • I have been using HDS services since 2002.  Mostly it was the drug, then alcohol testing consortium.  They have always been knowledgeable about the testing and making sure it was done correctly and my paperwork in the office was correct.  More recently, with all the changes in DOT paperwork, and the larger driver files I have to have, HDS has always been able to answer my questions to make sure my driver files are correct.  I would recommend Ivan and Marie to anyone needing this type of service.

    Clede O’Neal
    POCO Trucking
  • “Dealing with HDS has been nothing but a pleasant experience from day one. Wouldn’t think of ever going anywhere else.”

    Daniel Roberts
    High Gear Hauling
  • “Keeping our company drug and alcohol free and safe is paramount in importance to us. Without the services we receive from your Clean Fleet Consortium, we could not have achieved that. With the excellent program HDS offers, reaching and maintaining that goal has been easy and affordable.”

    Paul and Nena Handlin
    TexSon Transport, LLC
  • “Ivan, Mike, and many others at HDS have helped me in many ways. One of the most important was assistance when I started my own business. Everyone there has always been very friendly, helpful and professional. I have always been made to feel that I can rely on everyone there for anything I need relating to my business.”

    Steven Thompson
    S. Thompson Transportation
  • “We are a small seasonal operation. It is easy to forget all the CDL requirements. HDS keeps us in line.”

    JP Roads
  • “HDS was integral in the setup of our CDL program and continues to provide great value to me and our fleet manager. The start-up of a CDL program can be quite intimidating and Ivan and his team assisted us with an audit, file set-up and continued education and communication. HDS is an essential management tool that is both cost effective and knowledgeable.”

    Lea-Ann, Director of Human Resources
  • We have valued, and continue to value, HDS’ commitment to keeping us up-to-date with the ever changing DOT rules and regulations. Thanks HDS for being a great partner in our business, saving us time and headaches in our quest of working within the legal parameters of the trucking world!

    Santa Rita Landscaping & Waste Systems
    Kathi Roche, Controller

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