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  • 10th Aug 2018

    All About Split Specimen Tests

    For DOT-regulated drug and alcohol testing, split specimens are standard practice. A split specimen test proceeds much the same as any other urine test. However, the driver’s collected urine is divided into two samples. If the first tested sample reveals a positive result, the second sample can be tested to either confirm or reject the […]

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    27th Jul 2018

    Spotlight on DOT-Compliant Urine Collection Procedures

    Drug and alcohol testing facilities are required to follow very strict protocols to ensure compliance with regulations. The DOT-compliant urine collection protocols were designed to prevent samples from being tampered with or otherwise compromised. Here’s a quick look at just a few of the urine collection protocols. Site Integrity Before each testing appointment, the collector […]

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    13th Jul 2018

    Common Questions About Post-Accident Testing

    DOT-compliant drug testing programs are intended to protect the safety of everyone on the roadways. Drivers who hold CDL licenses may be required to undergo drug and alcohol testing after they get into an accident. Since not all substances remain in the body for prolonged periods of time, post-accident testing should be done as quickly […]

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  • 22nd Jun 2018

    ELD Mandate FAQs and Answers

    Electronic log device technology—or ELD—is the new normal for drivers who are under mandate to record their duty status and who are involved in interstate commerce. Drivers who were not eligible for an extension had to adopt ELD technology by December 18, 2017, and all drivers must be using by December 16, 2019. Many operators […]

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    11th Jun 2018

    Changes to Personal Conveyance Regulation

    For the first time in more than 20 years, the federal agency responsible for motor carrier regulation has issued official guidance on personal conveyance. That’s where a commercial truck or bus driver can operate the vehicle while off duty and isn’t subject to on-duty hours restrictions. Please see this article written by Aaron Marsh at […]

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    08th Jun 2018

    The Basics of Returning to Duty After a Violation

    Under DOT rules, employees are in violation of safety requirements when they have a positive drug or alcohol test or if they refuse to undergo testing. When this occurs, employees must be immediately removed from any safety-sensitive tasks. If employers fail to remove employees from safety-sensitive work after a violation, they may be fined up […]

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  • 25th May 2018

    What Constitutes Reasonable Suspicion?

    If you are in the transportation industry, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of ensuring that you have an effective drug and alcohol testing program set up for your employees. You also need to make sure that your company is in compliance with the rules established by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). One of […]

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    11th May 2018

    How Are Random Screenings Conducted?

    If you want to make sure that your trucking company is adhering to U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, you will need to have a system set up to administer drug and alcohol tests as needed. You probably already know that you need to do pre-employment testing, as well as testing after accidents and testing […]

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  • I have been using HDS services since 2002.  Mostly it was the drug, then alcohol testing consortium.  They have always been knowledgeable about the testing and making sure it was done correctly and my paperwork in the office was correct.  More recently, with all the changes in DOT paperwork, and the larger driver files I have to have, HDS has always been able to answer my questions to make sure my driver files are correct.  I would recommend Ivan and Marie to anyone needing this type of service.

    Clede O’Neal
    POCO Trucking
  • “Dealing with HDS has been nothing but a pleasant experience from day one. Wouldn’t think of ever going anywhere else.”

    Daniel Roberts
    High Gear Hauling
  • “Keeping our company drug and alcohol free and safe is paramount in importance to us. Without the services we receive from your Clean Fleet Consortium, we could not have achieved that. With the excellent program HDS offers, reaching and maintaining that goal has been easy and affordable.”

    Paul and Nena Handlin
    TexSon Transport, LLC
  • “Ivan, Mike, and many others at HDS have helped me in many ways. One of the most important was assistance when I started my own business. Everyone there has always been very friendly, helpful and professional. I have always been made to feel that I can rely on everyone there for anything I need relating to my business.”

    Steven Thompson
    S. Thompson Transportation
  • “We are a small seasonal operation. It is easy to forget all the CDL requirements. HDS keeps us in line.”

    JP Roads
  • “HDS was integral in the setup of our CDL program and continues to provide great value to me and our fleet manager. The start-up of a CDL program can be quite intimidating and Ivan and his team assisted us with an audit, file set-up and continued education and communication. HDS is an essential management tool that is both cost effective and knowledgeable.”

    Lea-Ann, Director of Human Resources
  • We have valued, and continue to value, HDS’ commitment to keeping us up-to-date with the ever changing DOT rules and regulations. Thanks HDS for being a great partner in our business, saving us time and headaches in our quest of working within the legal parameters of the trucking world!

    Santa Rita Landscaping & Waste Systems
    Kathi Roche, Controller

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