Address Drugs and Alcohol to Make Your Workplace Safer

It would be one thing if individuals who abused alcohol and drugs were unemployed, but the fact that people who have substance abuse problems are just as likely to be employed as those who are sober highlights the safety hazards present in the country’s workplaces. Workers who have problems with drugs and alcohol are more likely to hurt themselves and others, either knowingly or on accident, compared to other workers. Here are a few ways you can address the problem of substance abuse among your employees to make your workplace safer, such as learning to recognize the signs of abuse and instating a drug and alcohol screening policy.

Set Clear Rules and Expectations

The first step to addressing drugs and alcohol in the workplace is making sure that your staff knows the rules and expectations in regards to prohibited substances. Not only will this help curb illegal drug use and inappropriate alcohol consumption during work hours, but it will also protect you from legal recourse in the event that you are forced to take disciplinary action against a worker for violating the drug and alcohol policy.

Learn to Recognize the Signs of Abuse

All managers and supervisors should be trained to recognize the signs of drug and alcohol use in the workplace to spot workers who might be under the influence or using illegal substances outside of work. Recognizing the signs of employee substance abuse can help prevent many of the negative consequences of drug and alcohol use among your workforce.

Institute a Screening Policy

Partnering with a drug and alcohol testing company can help you identify employees who are implicitly violating the prohibited substance policy. Companies can provide you with all sorts of testing services, including pre-employment screenings and random drug testing.

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