Answering Your ELD FAQs

Electronic logging devices, or ELDs, are designed to replace paper records for hours of service (HOS) and records of duty status (RODS) reports. The devices are more convenient for drivers, and they are also more reliable, which in turn helps prevent situations in which drivers are pressured to drive for more hours than the DOT considers to be safe. Most truck drivers are required to use ELDs, except for those in vehicles manufactured before 2000 and those who use short-haul, timecard exceptions. Many drivers and transportation companies have questions about ELDs and compliance issues. These answers may help you better understand the rules.

What is the difference between ELDs and AOBRDs?

Automatic onboard recording devices, or AOBRDs, were introduced in 1988, and they represented a huge leap forward for the DOT in tracking hours of operation for drivers and in monitoring vehicle location. However, technology has become outdated, which is why the transition to ELDs is required. ELDs have several features that AOBRDs do not. Some of the things that become standard with ELD use are recording location information every 60 minutes and notifications when drivers hit HOS limits.

How many ELD accounts can a driver have with his or her motor carrier company?

Motor carrier companies can only assign one ELD account to each driver. The ELD accounts should be linked to a driver’s license number, and the device should prevent one number from being used for multiple accounts. Motor carriers are also required to have a password-protected security process for logging in for their drivers.

What happens if drivers or carriers violate ELD rules?

Violations can be costly for drivers and carriers alike. Fines can be significant, and in some cases, the vehicle will be placed out of service and may be required to be towed. Vehicles can be placed out of service for 10 hours per violation, resulting in a significant loss of driving hours.

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