A Closer Look at Compliance Auditing Services

Following all required industry safety compliance regulations is necessary for both workplace safety and business integrity. While your company certainly works hard to ensure continued compliance, third-party audits are a valuable tool that can point out weaknesses or issues you may not have noticed or simply aren’t sure how to address. HDS Safety and Compliance are pleased to offer several compliance auditing services in the Tucson area to help your driver and workplace safety programs stay on track.

On-Site Auditing

Workplace safety and regulatory compliance are paramount for any transportation company. With numerous state and federal regulations to follow, ensuring compliance is a big job. Even if you have strict regulations in place, it may be difficult to spare the time or manpower to ensure these regulations are followed consistently and properly. On-site third-party auditing will examine every aspect of your workplace safety and drug and alcohol compliance programs to look for inconsistencies, weaknesses, or violations. Once the audit has been completed, we can make informed recommendations to improve or ensure compliance quickly.

Driver Log Auditing

Keeping accurate driver logs and records is vital to ensure compliance with all DOT standards, including hours of service regulations. Even if your drivers and staff are obeying all mandated rules each day, failure to properly enter driver actions into your logs can lead to compliance violations. Driver log and time record auditing can be performed on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure entries are recorded properly. These services can be performed via mailing, faxing, or scanning your logs to make this process more convenient for you.

If you’d like more information about on-site and log auditing in Tucson, please call HDS Safety and Compliance today at (520) 622-0419. Our experienced staff is here to help you with honest, thorough workplace evaluations and up-to-date knowledge of DOT standards and regulations to ensure you remain compliant to avoid accidents and fines. You can also find out more about our safety and compliance solutions when you visit us on the web.