Why Employees Need to Be Drug Tested After On the Job Accidents

When workers are required to use heavy machinery on the job, it is very important that they are completely sober when they arrive for their shifts. If one of your employees has recently gotten into an accident while on the job, you may want to schedule mandatory drug testing services. Drug testing can help you determine whether the accident was partially caused by drug use, and will also allow you to take the appropriate actions. Let’s take a look at why employees need to be drug tested after on the job accidents.

Determine Cause of Accident

While some accidents may be caused by malfunctioning machinery or operator error, other workplace issues could be the result of drug use. By testing your workers after an on the job accident, you will be able to know for sure whether drugs or alcohol played a role in causing the incident.

Gather Accurate Accident Data

Depending on the rules and regulations in your specific industry, you may be required to file a report after a workplace accident. Mandatory drug testing after an incident will allow you to include accurate data in your reporting. When you write your report, you should be sure to note that the worker was under the influence during the incident.

Offer Appropriate Consequences or Services

With mandatory drug testing, you will be able to determine whether your employee is experiencing substance abuse problems. After you receive the results of the drug test, you will have the knowledge that you need to take action. Depending on your workplace rules, you may offer counseling, rehab, or ultimately decide to terminate the worker.

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