What to Expect During Your Upcoming Safety Audit

If you and your employees stay committed to workplace safety, then your safety audit should go smoothly. Your auditing professionals will need a few items from you in order to complete the audit, and then they’ll report back to you with their findings. At this point, you can decide if you need to make some changes. Here’s what to expect during your upcoming safety audit.

Items to Be Reviewed

Paperwork might not be your favorite part of the job, but excellent record-keeping can make your safety audit a breeze. You will need to furnish your safety audit experts with documents like accident files, time records, and insurance details. You should also tell your DOT safety audit team about your company’s drug and alcohol program and any hazmat regulations that might be in place.

Reporting of Findings

The purpose of a safety audit is to provide business owners with pertinent safety information about their company. When the professionals have had a chance to look over all of the documents and items that you’ve given them, they will report back to you and give you an idea of just how safe your work environment is. You can then use this information to think about how you could make your team safer and in compliance with federal regulations.

Implementation of New Policies

If your workplace is already impressively safe, then you’ll just need to keep doing what you’re doing. If workplace safety could be better, then consider the information your safety auditors have given you. Then translate this information into new policies that will help to keep your team and community safe.

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