Keep Your Drivers Up-to-Date with Online Training Courses

Driving your regular car might feel like second nature after years of going through the same motions, but it’s important to stay sharp when you drive a commercial vehicle for a living. Training courses can help your drivers stay in top shape, even after taking some time off. Keep reading for a look at some online training courses.

Alcohol & Drug Testing: Driver Awareness Training

Many workplaces are ravaged by alcohol and drugs, but commercial drivers who use these substances put themselves and other drivers on the road in danger. The roads will never be as safe as possible if any driver is using drugs or alcohol, but the proper training can help employers identify problem behaviors and drivers recognize suspicious behaviors on the road. Alcohol and drug testing can be effective tools, and online training courses can make for a great starting point.

CDL Knowledge Test Review

If you hope to enjoy a career in the commercial driving industry, you’ll need to start by earning your commercial driver’s license. The CDL test involves knowledge and practical tests, and you should have your skills sharp for both portions. A CDL knowledge online course can help you refresh your knowledge so you can pass your knowledge test and get your truck driving career started.

CMV Driver Basics Training Program

If you have just decided that you want to be a commercial truck driver and are looking to learn the basics, the CMV Driver Basics Training Program will be a great online training course for you. The CDL test has both written and practical components, but it always helps to start out with the basics.

At HDS Safety Services, we are happy to help your drivers stay up to date and on top of their game. We can offer compliance and safety training as well as alcohol and drug testing. Give us a call at (520) 622-0419 or visit our website for more details.