Keeping Drug and Alcohol Testing Records

Employee drug and alcohol testing plays an important role in the safety and efficiency of the transportation industry. As a transportation employer, it is vital to follow the standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Transportation regarding the maintenance of these drug and alcohol testing records after the fact. Knowing which documents you are required to keep will ensure your drug and alcohol testing program remains compliant with these important industry regulations.

Record Maintenance Requirements

There are several records pertaining to your employee drug and alcohol testing program that you must keep. The records you are required to maintain include documents outlining the test administration process, as well as documents regarding employee and supervisor training. Furthermore, in addition to the test results, you must also keep records pertaining to the return-to-duty process administration. Negative drug test results and alcohol test results of less than 0.02 should be kept for one year; verified positive drug test results and alcohol test results over 0.02 must be kept for five years. Education and training documents should be kept indefinitely, up to a period of two years following the cessation of employment. Documentation outlining the drug testing process and administration should be kept for two years.

Record Storage Requirements

Employers have a duty to keep drug and alcohol testing records in a secure location with controlled access to protect employee privacy. This means that physical records should be kept in locked filing cabinets or containers, while electronic files must be password-protected. You may allow a third-party administrator to keep your records if you don’t wish to keep records onsite or manage these files yourself.
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