How to Start a Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

Drug and alcohol testing programs ensure that the work environment you provide to employees is safe and healthy. Compliance with drug and alcohol regulations also protects the passengers and cargo carried by the transportation industry. If your workplace does not currently maintain a drug and alcohol testing program, keep reading to learn a few of the important steps you’ll need to take to establish a successful testing program.

Obtain the Correct Certification or Authorization

The transportation industry requires compliance with certification or authorization requirements prior to beginning and maintaining a program for employee drug and alcohol testing. These certifications are dependent upon the type of transportation certificate or operator’s license you currently hold, and typically include registration of your program with your overseeing regulatory body, such as the FAA, to ensure your program meets the requirements set forth in your industry for drug and alcohol compliance.

Notify and Train Employees

Supervisors and employees all play a vital role in a successful drug and alcohol testing and compliance program. Once you have registered your program, you will need to complete compliance training to ensure your employees understand the regulations to which they will be held and the testing process they will undergo. You may also wish to provide documentation outlining these regulations to new employees when they are hired.

Begin Drug and Alcohol Testing

Working with a third-party administrator can make drug and alcohol testing a smooth and simple process. Third-party administrators not only have the resources to handle large-scale testing with accurate results and follow-up opportunities but can also maintain your company’s training and test records safely and properly.
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