Take a Look at Safety Services Offered by HDS

There is no reason to take risks when it comes to safety. When you work with a professional company like HDS Safety Services, you’ll be positive that your business will be taken care of. We can help with training programs, drug and alcohol testing, driver qualification, and more. Keep reading and take a look at the safety services offered by HDS.


Different types of people have unique preferred learning styles, but everyone who takes on a job should understand how to do it properly. HDS covers all the bases by offering an array of different training services, including both online courses and classroom lectures. Drivers must know how to inspect their vehicles and how to drive safely and efficiently on the road in order to prevent accidents. Only the proper safety training can ensure that each new hire is well-equipped to get the job done safely.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Even the safest, most responsible people can get themselves into trouble when they become exposed to drugs and alcohol. Whether your employees are using drugs and alcohol on the job or on their own time, the continuous effects can lead to an unsafe workplace. As a business owner, you can employ pre-employment testing to make sure applicants are clean before you hire them, and random testing can make sure they stay clean throughout their tenure with your company.

Driver Qualification

If you want your team to be as effective as it can be on the road, it needs to be as safe as possible as well. Driver qualification services can ensure that you hire only the safest and most trustworthy applicants for your company.

Safety services keep everyone healthy and safe while your business thrives, so call HDS Safety Services at (520) 622-0419 to see how we can help. You can also head over to our website to learn about our auditing services and complete DOT compliance.