The Elements of a Drug-Free Workplace Program

Current research suggests that nearly 77% of illegal drug users are employed in full or part-time jobs in the United States. This means employers around the country are subject to the hazards and drawbacks of employing illegal drug users, including lower productivity, smaller profits, more accidents, missed days of work, and many other negative effects. Fortunately, you can minimize the job performance issues and extra costs associated with the employment of drug users by instituting a drug-free workplace program. Here’s a look at some of the important elements of a drug-free workplace program and where you can turn for your drug testing needs.

Written Drug Policy

A written drug policy is important for establishing workplace drug and alcohol rules, as well as setting expectations for workers. Having a written policy in place is important if you ever have to take disciplinary action against a worker who is found to be under the substance of drugs or alcohol since it establishes that the worker knew full well in advance what was prohibited under the company’s drug and alcohol policy.

Employee and Supervisor Training

You should also institute a training program as part of a drug and alcohol policy in the workplace. For supervisors, you’ll want to train your staff to recognize the signs of workers under the influence of drugs or alcohol and know the appropriate administrative and disciplinary steps to take in order to deal with the problem.

Drug Testing

One of the most important parts of instituting a drug-free workplace program is having a drug testing policy in place. After all, you can’t hope to enforce a drug-free policy unless you are able to test for workers who are under the influence of illegal drugs and other prohibited substances.

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