Top Reasons Why Drug and Alcohol Testing is Important for Your Business

Workplace drug and alcohol testing play an important part in employee and client safety. Solid drug policy and support program is a valuable resource for your business, reducing the incidence of drug- and alcohol-related injuries or accidents while increasing the overall integrity of your company.

Improved Safety

Drug- and alcohol-related accidents can pose a serious hazard to employees, clients, and even innocent bystanders. Even if accidents are not responsible for injuries, they can cause serious product delivery delays or property damage. Regular drug and alcohol testing is an excellent way to improve the safety of your workplace for all employees, as well as driver safety records while out on the road.

Increased Productivity

Drugs and alcohol have been associated with poor employee performance and frequently skipped or missed workdays. Thus, a drug or alcohol problem can have serious consequences for your business’ productivity, hindering or even halting important daily operations. Drug and alcohol testing will reduce or address drug and alcohol abuse to keep employees on task and at work.

Positive Reputation

Regular drug and alcohol testing are important for more than simple compliance reasons. By maintaining a strict drug and alcohol program through professional testing, your company will also enjoy a more positive reputation. Addressing drug and alcohol concerns in the workplace shows your commitment to your employees and your community at large, which can play a vital role in your company’s image and encourage brand loyalty for a higher percentage of return customers.

Are you wondering how to implement a successful drug and alcohol testing program in your Tucson workplace? HDS Safety and Compliance can help you uphold your company policy and all state and federal regulations with pre-employment, post-accident, random, and follow-up drug and alcohol testing services. You can find more information about our programs and services on our website, or reach us by calling (520) 622-0419 for assistance.