Commercial Driving and Prohibited Drugs

Commercial truck drivers must follow strict safety standards that are implemented by the FMCSA and the DOT. These safety regulations are designed to make sure that every driver who steps behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle is capable of driving safely and responsibly. Drug use is a serious threat to the safety of a commercial truck driver and everyone else on the road. A qualified drug testing and safety compliance company can help you make sure that your employees are following your drug and alcohol restrictions. Here is a closer look at some of the drugs that are prohibited for commercial drivers.


Amphetamine use among truck drivers has been identified as a serious concern by the FMCSA. By providing stimulation to the brain and nervous system, amphetamines are abused by truck drivers who want to stay alert during longer drives or push through to their next delivery. Since amphetamine use has been linked to a rise in collisions, this class of drugs is illegal for truck drivers.


Narcotics are another type of controlled substances that are prohibited for truck drivers. The class of narcotic drugs includes opiates, such as prescription pain killers along with illegal street drugs like heroin. When a person has ingested narcotic drugs, he or she will not be able to drive safely or react to other drivers on the road. Unfortunately, narcotic drugs are highly addictive. With drug testing, an employer can determine whether a driver is an abuser of narcotic drugs so that he or she can get the necessary help needed to return to the road safely.


Alcohol is the final major type of drug that is prohibited for commercial truck drivers. Ingesting alcohol can affect decision making, slow reaction time, and is a leading cause of traffic accidents in the United States. Along with drug testing, an employer can also test drivers for alcohol abuse.

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