The DOT and Recreational Marijuana


Recreational marijuana is a hot topic for employers across the country. With new recreational marijuana laws being passed in states around the nation, you may be wondering how these laws will affect the transportation industry. For those workers who operate commercial vehicles, the DOT has the same rules and regulations regarding recreational marijuana in effect. With the help of a company offering drug testing, you can make sure that your employees are following the law. Let’s take a closer look at the DOT and recreational marijuana.

Transportation Employees and State Marijuana Initiatives

Employees in the transportation sector must be fully alert and aware of their surroundings when they are behind the wheel of the vehicle. For this reason, the DOT has not changed its policies surrounding the use of recreational marijuana. If a driver is found to be intoxicated during his or her shift, he or she will be eligible for termination from employment.

The DOT and Drug Testing

Along with prohibiting the use of recreational drugs by commercial drivers, the DOT also mandates that all employees in the transportation sector receive random and routine drug screenings. These drug tests are designed to ensure that drivers are not under the influence of illegal drugs when they drive.

MROs and Drug Test Verification

An MRO, or Medical Review Officer, is responsible for reviewing the results of a drug test. In the event that marijuana shows up on an employee’s drug screening, the MRO will deem that the drug test has been failed. In order to make sure that they are able to pass their drug screenings, transportation workers must abstain from all illegal drug use.

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