Why Employees Need to Be Drug Tested After On the Job Accidents

Accidents happen, but they shouldn’t happen more than occasionally. Drug testing can help supervisors understand the nature of the accident and make any necessary changes to keep the workplace safe and the team in good health. Keep reading for more on why employees need to be drug tested after on the job accidents.

Understanding the Incident

No matter how much you trust an employee, it’s important to find out the real details surrounding a workplace accident. If a drug test reveals that one of the employees involved in the incident was using non-prescribed or illegal drugs, then this presents a few problems. Not only did this person violate your trust by using the drugs in the first place, but the use of that drug may have also contributed to the accident.

Maintaining a Safe Workplace

Even if you’re amazing at your job, you should never take the risk of doing it on drugs. If you have any suspicion that drug use was a factor that may have caused or facilitated the accident, it’s important to take action. Everyone deserves to work in a safe space, and accidents that occur due to employee drug use do not promote that idea, which can be detrimental to overall morale. Holding team members responsible for their actions is essential if you want to maintain a level playing field.

Keeping Employees Healthy

As upset as you might be about an accident on the job, you should still care for your employees if they are facing drug problems. If you find out that one of your employees has been using drugs—whether or not it was the cause of the accident—you should take the opportunity to encourage him or her to get help.

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