How Does Alcohol Testing Work?

When you drive for a living, you can’t expect to use drugs or alcohol to get yourself through your shift. As long as your shifts may be, you have to get yourself in the right physical and mental shape to handle them without any accidents. Alcohol testing helps employers decide who belongs on the team, so read ahead and see how alcohol testing works.

The Process
There are a couple of ways that alcohol testing can work, but the most common method is to analyze the subject’s urine. Your alcohol testing professional will have the employee step into a bathroom and give a urine sample that you can test for a multitude of drugs, including alcohol. The breathalyzers that police officers use when testing drivers for alcohol aren’t used so frequently in the workplace.

What It Does for the Company
Alcohol doesn’t stay in the system for very long compared to other drugs, so if it’s found during a pre-employment drug test, it could be a sign to take note of. No commercial driver should have any alcohol in his or her system while driving a vehicle. By testing your applicants for alcohol, you can tell which ones will pose a threat to your company and which ones will be more appropriate for the job.

How It Helps the Public
Drunk driving has become a serious threat and an unfortunate problem on the road. It causes needless injuries, fatalities, and damages, and businesses should put protective measures in place to limit the effects. By alcohol testing each of your employees during pre-employment screening and on a random basis, you can make the roads safer for everyone.

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