Choosing Qualified Drivers

Business is always competitive, but the stakes are higher when you work on the road. Veteran drivers know how to avoid accidents and damages on the road, but new hires aren’t always as savvy. Keep reading for some tips on choosing qualified drivers for your business.

Run Background Checks
When you hire someone to work on your team, you acknowledge that the person will represent your company. If you want to keep your company’s name in good standing and your business on track, you should find out as much as you can about anyone you bring on board. Background checks give you some insight that can help you decide if a person is going to be an asset or a setback to your company. Use these checks to guide your decisions so you can keep moving ahead.

Use Drug Screening
Drug use hurts everyone, and your company and your clients are no exception. If you hire someone who can’t do his or her job because of a drug problem, you’ll still be held accountable for your late deliveries and any other mishaps that may happen. That’s why it’s a good idea to screen your new hires for drugs before you hire them. It’s also mandated by the DOT.

Hire Professionals
You might not have the time to screen each individual employee before hiring, but you can hire another company to get the job done. Work with a company that specializes in pre-employment qualifications to make sure you’re picking the best candidate out of the pool to add to your team of professionals.

Every commercial driving company in the industry should have qualified drivers, and at HDS Safety Services, we can help you choose the best people for your team. Give us a call at (520) 622-0419 or browse through our website if you’d like to learn about our company.