How Joining the Clean Fleet Consortium Can Benefit Your Business

If you understand the importance of drug and alcohol testing, you might be interested in joining the Clean Fleet Consortium. This can help keep your employees mentally and physically healthy, which can then improve your productivity. It can also boost team morale and let people know that you care about keeping the roads safe. Read on to see how joining the Clean Fleet Consortium can benefit your business.

Keep Employees Healthy and Productive

Anyone who has gone into work while feeling under the weather understands how difficult it can be to focus on productivity while dealing with this type of distraction, and drug use and addiction can create these conditions every day. The Clean Fleet Consortium aims to issue random drug tests to ensure that all employees are conforming to the company’s drug and alcohol policies. Employees who remain sober will be better able to do their jobs, and they will be more comfortable and confident in their duties.

Boost Team Morale

Team morale can take a hit when drugs and alcohol infiltrate the workforce, which can lead to an overall reduction in productivity. When you join the Clean Fleet Consortium, you are making it clear that you care about the health of the team as well as each individual on it. This can motivate your employees to stay away from drugs, respect each other, and offer their best effort each day.

Show Your Concern for Wellbeing

By joining the Clean Fleet Consortium, you show the public that your business and brand cares about individual wellbeing. Making a move towards a workplace and workforce free of drugs and alcohol makes for a noble step that your customers and business partners may respect and appreciate.

Would you like to learn more about joining the Clean Fleet Consortium? Call HDS Safety Services at (520) 622-0419 or visit our website. We are happy to help your team and business stay healthy and productive through alcohol and drug testing.