A Closer Look at the Different DOT Drug and Alcohol Tests

Anyone who is going to be driving for a living must prove him or herself competent, and this can include a variety of drug and alcohol tests. Pre-employment, post-accident, and return to duty testing can help to maintain a safe workplace and a healthy team. Here is a closer look at the different DOT drug and alcohol tests.

Pre-Employment – DOT Drug Test

You always want to hire employees that you think will improve your team and enhance your workplace, which is one reason it helps to conduct pre-employment drug and alcohol tests. Screening applicants before making the hire can allow you to make the most informed choice possible, and it can also save you the time and energy of training an applicant that turns out not to be fit for the job. You never want someone with a drug problem operating one of your vehicles; this could be bad for your business and for the safety of those on the road.

Post-Accident – DOT Drug Test

Accidents happen everywhere, and the workplace is no exception. When it comes to dealing with damages and worker’s compensation, however, you need to make sure that substance use and abuse did not play a role in the incident. By drug testing an employee who was involved in an accident, you can determine whether substances may have been a factor.

Return to Duty – DOT Drug Test

Whether an individual has taken a leave of absence or been out because of an injury, it’s a good idea to conduct a drug and alcohol test when he or she returns. You always want to make sure that your workforce is operating at peak capacity, so the returning employee should be free of drugs. This can be especially important if the employee had been injured and medicated.

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