Keep Your Drivers Compliant with Regular Log Audits

Trucking companies work under strict regulations and monitoring from the DOT and DPS. That’s because the safety of the industry affects the safety of roads across the nation, so drivers need to keep accurate logs, maintain their vehicles and follow inspection requirements, avoid drug and alcohol use and comply with regular screenings and random drug tests. Driver logs are one feature of your business that the DOT will pay attention to during an inspection, so it can pay off to schedule regular log audits, which will keep your drivers and your business complaint.

How does log auditing work?
Log audits can occur monthly or quarterly for a small monthly fee. During audits, safety professionals at HDS Safety Services will identify any violations and bring them to your attention. To perform an audit, simply send copies of drivers’ logs via fax, mail, or email. Services are provided nationwide, but local businesses in Tucson can also bring their logs to the HDS office in person.

What happens when violations are found?
Any violations encountered will be noted on the logs, and suggestions will be provided to remedy these issues in future trips. This will allow you to fix problems before a DOT inspection, helping you stay prepared and compliant.

Why should you use professional auditing services?
Professional auditing services can pay for themselves when you consider the costs of potential liabilities and DOT fees for violating regulations. In addition, these audits can help to ensure that you know which rules and regulations your drivers are subject to and highlight any drivers who may not be meeting the standards of your company.

HDS Safety Services offers decades of experience in audits and pre-audits to protect you from DOT violations. If you want to learn more about our services, give us a call at (520) 622-0419. You can also browse our website for further reading.