A Look at ELD Auditing Services

Drivers need to record their hours, and they do so with an electronic log device. As much as you trust your drivers, it helps to have an objective third party look over the electronic logs. This helps businesses carry on effectively and gives upper management some insight as to how employees are handling their duties. Here’s a brief look at ELD auditing services.

The Basics
ELD stands for electronic log device, which is what drivers use to keep track of their hours while they’re on the road. Drivers have to follow strict rules when it comes to the amount of time per day they spend driving. Spending too much consecutive time on the road can be dangerous and illegal. If drivers aren’t spending enough time driving throughout the day or night on the road, the process will take longer, and business will be held up. ELD auditing ensures that your driver’s record and report their hours of service accurately, so you can get an objective view of your crew’s progress.

Who Needs Them
If you have to record your hours of duty, you probably need to have an electronic log device. Take note that this doesn’t apply to drivers with Automatic On-Board Recording Devices. Drivers who engage in interstate commerce may also be required to have an electronic log device.

Not everyone needs to use electronic log devices to record their time on the job. Short-haul drivers can use time cards rather than ELD, and so can those who drive vehicles in a driveaway-towaway operation. Many vehicles that were built before the year 2000 can’t handle electronic log devices, so drivers of these vehicles are exempt as well.

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