What Is Reasonable Suspicion Testing?

Accusing someone of having a problem is tricky, as you should be respectful of the other person’s feelings. Some people get defensive when others intervene in their lives, which makes the process even more uncomfortable. Reasonable suspicion testing aims to address certain kinds of problems in the workplace, so read on and find out what it is.

Noticing a Problem
A drug addict probably won’t come out and tell you about the problem, so employers should look out for warning signs that might indicate addictive behavior. If you suspect that one of your employees is using illegal drugs or abusing prescription drugs, don’t hesitate to take action. Drug abuse and illegal drug use can both cause substantial problems that affect the user as well as everyone around him or her. Reasonable suspicion testing gives you the opportunity to find out for sure if one of your workers might be into something unhealthy.

Protecting the Team
Your operation relies on the entire team, so everyone needs to contribute. There are situations where one person weighs the rest of the group down, and sometimes this is due to drug use. You can use reasonable suspicion testing to administer drug tests to anyone who seems like they might have a substance abuse problem that impacts the team. Identifying and dealing with the problem may make the rest of the group more comfortable in the workplace.

Helping the Employee
A drug problem impacts the business, the team, and the individual who is struggling with addiction. Thanks to reasonable suspicion testing, you can acknowledge the problem and talk to the person who is suffering. This kind of caring attention can make a world of difference, and it can even save lives.

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