Why It’s Tough to Cheat Professional Drug Tests

When you’re trying to run a business, your team needs to be working in full force. Drug testing helps you screen your employees and your potential new hires, so you can maintain a positive working environment and a successful operation. Here’s why it’s tough to cheat when you take a drug test.

Monitored Screening
People try to cheat drug tests every day. Sometimes they didn’t know the test was coming, and sometimes they just didn’t want to give up drugs for long enough to pass. There are a few tricks out there that people use to try and cheat, but it’s not as easy as they make it sound. A common cheat is to use someone else’s urine when taking a urine test. All it takes to squash this possibility is to have a monitor screen the testing site. Then there can’t be any transfer of urine, so the results should be genuine.

Random Tests
Aspiring employees often expect to be drug tested when they apply for a job, so they might quit their drug use for just long enough that they pass the screen. Unfortunately, these people often go back to using drugs once the test is over. When you test your employees randomly, they must stay off drugs in order to keep their jobs. Random tests are effective because there is no way for the employee to know about them, so they can’t use any tricks.

Missed Opportunity
Cheating a professional drug test may even be tough on your psyche. If you fail a drug test, you might lose your shot at the job of your dreams. Sometimes this is enough to deter people from using.

Since they’re hard to cheat, professional drug tests make sure your team is clean, healthy, and focused. HDS Safety Services offers drug and alcohol testing programs in addition to compliance and safety training. Call us at 877-206-1282 or look at our website to learn more.