Spotlight on DOT-Compliant Urine Collection Procedures

Drug and alcohol testing facilities are required to follow very strict protocols to ensure compliance with regulations. The DOT-compliant urine collection protocols were designed to prevent samples from being tampered with or otherwise compromised. Here’s a quick look at just a few of the urine collection protocols.

Site Integrity

Before each testing appointment, the collector must inspect the collection site to ensure there are no opportunities for the employee to tamper with the sample. Collectors will:

  • Ensure there is a coloring agent in the toilet and tank.
  • Temporarily prevent the functioning of water faucets.
  • Remove all possible adulterants from the location, including soap and cleaning agents.
  • Inspect or secure any items that could be used to conceal adulterants, including paper towel holders and under-sink areas.

Employee Arrival

As soon as the employee arrives for testing, he or she must begin the testing procedures. Collectors do not delay testing if an employee states that he or she isn’t ready or is unable to urinate, since this provides the opportunity for tampering. The collector verifies the employee’s identification information and explains the collection procedures. Then, the collector must ask the employee to remove all outer clothing, including jackets and hats, and place these items along with other personal belongings (bags, briefcases, etc.) in a secured location. The employee has the right to request a receipt to retrieve personal belongings afterward.

Sample Collection

The collector does not need to remain in the collection room while the employee is providing the sample. However, the collector will remain nearby and will time the employee. If the employee takes too long or the collector has any reason to believe the employee is attempting to tamper with the sample, then the collector will immediately initiate a second collection using a new kit. The employee will be under direct observation of the collector when the second sample is provided.

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