The Importance of Employing a Drug-Free Workforce

A drug problem can get in the way of each and every aspect of your life, and your job is no exception. Drug addiction can cause people to miss work or deliver assignments of subpar quality, and it can even have an effect on others in the office. Here is a quick look at the importance of employing a drug-free workforce.

Increased Productivity

There is nothing wrong with a relaxed work environment, but the ultimate purpose should always be productivity. When a portion of your workforce spends its time engaging in drug use, however, the business loses man-hours and productivity suffers. A drug-free workforce is much less likely to give in to distractions, hand in low-quality work, or engage in risky behaviors.

Decreased Absenteeism

Of the countless problems that surround drug use, many of them impact an individual’s work life. Users might show up late, leave early, or even fail to show up at all. Working with a diminished staff can be difficult, and it is not fair to the other workers who must pick up the slack. A successful workforce keeps up with the workload and effectively handles the tasks at hand; a drug-free workforce tends to be much more capable of showing up to work, arriving on time, and getting the job done.

Enhanced Morale

A workforce that is plagued with drugs can have a substantially negative effect on nonusers as well as the entire workplace atmosphere. Drugs may cause one worker to lose sight of the company’s mission and primary objective, which can drain enthusiasm from other workers. A drug-free workforce will build itself up rather than create setbacks and opportunities for distractions.

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