What Are Some Red Flags on Driver Background Checks?

Any type of employee has the potential to result in liability issues for a company. But for a driver, these liability issues can become quite severe. It’s essential to do a thorough background check before hiring a new driver. The employee screening company will give you a complete report on the driver’s professional history. Watch out for the following red flags.


The driver’s CDL is expired.

A commercial driver’s license may expire anywhere from five to eight years after its date of issuance, depending on the state. You should always verify that a driver’s CDL is valid before making an offer of employment. The background screening company can also verify the driver’s identity to ensure that the person who was issued that CDL is the same person applying for employment with your company.


The driver has a history of accidents.

It’s relatively uncommon to come across a veteran commercial truck driver with zero accidents on his or her record. One or two accidents might not automatically rule out a driver’s chances of employment with your company. It’s a good idea to dig further into the record and speak with the driver about the incidents. Sometimes, CDL drivers are found to be not at fault for a crash. However, if a truck driver has many accidents on his or her record, then your company will likely prefer to hire someone else.


The driver has a criminal history.

Some criminal offenses result in an automatic disqualification for the CDL. These include felonies that involve the use of a commercial motor vehicle, drug trafficking while on duty and driving a commercial vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Even if a particular criminal offense doesn’t result in the loss of the CDL, your company might still prefer to take a pass on that driver.

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