Common Myths About Drugs and Drug Testing

It can be argued that most people are not as informed as they should be about drug use, and this is partially due to all of the myths that have continually impeded the facts. A lack of understanding of drugs can also cause you to fail a drug test and miss out on a great employment opportunity. Keep reading for a few common myths about drugs and drug testing.

You Only Need to Test Once

Pre-employment drug testing tends to be common, even among companies that do not administer any additional drug tests in the future. For this reason, many drug users will cease the use of their drug of choice while going through the application and hiring process but return to using once they have been hired. Smarter businesses will employ various types of drug testing, including random drug testing. This ensures a drug-free environment not only with new hires but for the entire workforce present at your business.

How To Beat a Drug Test?

From commercial products to at-home “remedies” like drinking vinegar, people will tell you about all kinds of methods that can supposedly help you pass a drug test. What people might not realize is that attempting to score a false negative on your drug test can quickly backfire and do more harm than good. Methods that change the pH level of your urine may seem like they could be effective, but laboratory professionals are trained to notice when the results have been manipulated. In some cases, this can automatically disqualify you from obtaining employment.

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