Answering Your ELD FAQs

Electronic logging devices, or ELDs, are designed to replace paper records for hours of service (HOS) and records of duty status (RODS) reports. The devices are more convenient for drivers, and they are also more reliable, which in turn helps prevent situations in which drivers are pressured to drive for more hours than the DOT … Continue reading “Answering Your ELD FAQs”

Comparing Reasonable Suspicion and Random Testing

Drug and alcohol testing are important parts of maintaining a safe working environment for many businesses, especially those companies that are subject to DOT regulations. Both reasonable suspicion and random testing play roles, but what is the difference between them, and how should they be applied? Reasonable Suspicion Testing Reasonable suspicion testing—also called cause testing—is, … Continue reading “Comparing Reasonable Suspicion and Random Testing”

The ATA Announces HDS Safety Services as its Newest Endorsed Program

September 12, 2018 Tolleson, AZ – Today, the Arizona Trucking Association (ATA) announced HDS Safety Services as its newest Endorsed Partner. “Everything a trucking company does emphasizes safety and as an industry we are always looking to improve safety,” said ATA President and CEO Tony Bradley. “Because safety is so important, it is vital to … Continue reading “The ATA Announces HDS Safety Services as its Newest Endorsed Program”

Tips for Hiring Qualified Drivers

Qualified, skilled drivers can be your company’s biggest asset, but the wrong drivers can be your biggest liability. By taking the time to adequately screen drivers before putting them behind the wheel in your fleet, you can make sure you build an efficient team that operates safely. Working with an outside driver qualification company is … Continue reading “Tips for Hiring Qualified Drivers”

Explaining the ELD Exemptions

Hours of service have long been a hot button issue for transportation companies. CDL drivers must abide by strict regulations regarding how long they can work before they are required to take a break. One of the more recent updates to these regulations is the mandatory use of electronic log devices (ELDs). Here’s a quick … Continue reading “Explaining the ELD Exemptions”

All About Split Specimen Tests

For DOT-regulated drug and alcohol testing, split specimens are standard practice. A split specimen test proceeds much the same as any other urine test. However, the driver’s collected urine is divided into two samples. If the first tested sample reveals a positive result, the second sample can be tested to either confirm or reject the … Continue reading “All About Split Specimen Tests”

Spotlight on DOT-Compliant Urine Collection Procedures

Drug and alcohol testing facilities are required to follow very strict protocols to ensure compliance with regulations. The DOT-compliant urine collection protocols were designed to prevent samples from being tampered with or otherwise compromised. Here’s a quick look at just a few of the urine collection protocols. Site Integrity Before each testing appointment, the collector … Continue reading “Spotlight on DOT-Compliant Urine Collection Procedures”