Choosing Qualified Drivers

Business is always competitive, but the stakes are higher when you work on the road. Veteran drivers know how to avoid accidents and damages on the road, but new hires aren’t always as savvy. Keep reading for some tips on choosing qualified drivers for your business. Run Background Checks When you hire someone to work … Continue reading “Choosing Qualified Drivers”

See Why Refresher Courses and Training Is So Important

The transportation industry is a unique one, and since it’s such a specialized field, it’s especially important that everyone involved in the operation is at their best. Refreshers and training courses help people return to work after long absences, give newcomers the confidence they need to succeed, and ensure that everyone is caught up with … Continue reading “See Why Refresher Courses and Training Is So Important”

Have You Seen All Services Offered by HDS Safety Services?

When you work in an industry that must follow Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines, it’s important to make sure all of your employees are up to the same standards. HDS Safety Services can help you accomplish this goal with our safety and compliance solutions: Drug and Alcohol Testing To stay up-to-date with DOT standards regarding … Continue reading “Have You Seen All Services Offered by HDS Safety Services?”