A Closer Look at Compliance Auditing Services

Following all required industry safety compliance regulations is necessary for both workplace safety and business integrity. While your company certainly works hard to ensure continued compliance, third-party audits are a valuable tool that can point out weaknesses or issues you may not have noticed or simply aren’t sure how to address. HDS Safety and Compliance … Continue reading “A Closer Look at Compliance Auditing Services”

The DOT and Recreational Marijuana

  Recreational marijuana is a hot topic for employers across the country. With new recreational marijuana laws being passed in states around the nation, you may be wondering how these laws will affect the transportation industry. For those workers who operate commercial vehicles, the DOT has the same rules and regulations regarding recreational marijuana in … Continue reading “The DOT and Recreational Marijuana”

DOT Guidelines on Medical Marijuana

Although there are strong voices on either side of the argument for and against medical marijuana, the Department of Transportation (DOT) has made it very clear that safety-sensitive transportation employees—pilots, school bus drivers, truck drivers, ship captains, and subways operators, among others—are not allowed to test positive for marijuana while it remains listed in Schedule … Continue reading “DOT Guidelines on Medical Marijuana”

Complying with DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Requirements

Drug and alcohol testing is a critical element of the Department of Transportation’s mission to keep all drivers safe, not just those men and women who drive large and potentially dangerous commercial vehicles. Any individual or company who falls under the DOT’s testing requirements will need to implement a drug and alcohol testing program to … Continue reading “Complying with DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Requirements”