Why You Need Professional DOT Compliance Consulting

The Department of Transportation (DOT) maintains stringent safety standards for commercial drivers and their employers. Regardless of whether you are a new or experienced transportation service, staying up to date on the latest DOT compliance requirements can be challenging. DOT compliance consulting is an efficient and cost-effective solution that will ensure you and your employees … Continue reading “Why You Need Professional DOT Compliance Consulting”

What Every Employer Needs to Know About Alcohol and Drug Testing

The best employers possess certain traits, such as business acumen and determination. However, it’s also important to understand the dynamics of your employees. If you are an employer, continue reading to find out what you should know about alcohol and drug testing. Types of Testing There are a few different ways to test a person … Continue reading “What Every Employer Needs to Know About Alcohol and Drug Testing”

HDS Safety & Compliance September 2016 Newsletter

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Taking a Look at the Different Types of Compliance and Safety Training

Everyone deserves to be safe and comfortable, and there are a few ways you can go about ensuring that your workers have this opportunity. The team at HDS Safety and Compliance offers a few different kinds of training methods such as maintenance and inspection training, reasonable suspicion training, and other types of online courses. Read … Continue reading “Taking a Look at the Different Types of Compliance and Safety Training”

Top Reasons Why Drug and Alcohol Testing is Important for Your Business

Workplace drug and alcohol testing play an important part in employee and client safety. Solid drug policy and support program is a valuable resource for your business, reducing the incidence of drug- and alcohol-related injuries or accidents while increasing the overall integrity of your company. Improved Safety Drug- and alcohol-related accidents can pose a serious … Continue reading “Top Reasons Why Drug and Alcohol Testing is Important for Your Business”

A Closer Look at Compliance Auditing Services

Following all required industry safety compliance regulations is necessary for both workplace safety and business integrity. While your company certainly works hard to ensure continued compliance, third-party audits are a valuable tool that can point out weaknesses or issues you may not have noticed or simply aren’t sure how to address. HDS Safety and Compliance … Continue reading “A Closer Look at Compliance Auditing Services”

The DOT and Recreational Marijuana

  Recreational marijuana is a hot topic for employers across the country. With new recreational marijuana laws being passed in states around the nation, you may be wondering how these laws will affect the transportation industry. For those workers who operate commercial vehicles, the DOT has the same rules and regulations regarding recreational marijuana in … Continue reading “The DOT and Recreational Marijuana”